Self Love


I keep hearing over and over and over again about the problems of bullying in schools. There are so many policies and procedures in place in schools to help combat bullying. Are they working? I still hear about it so much. I know that it isn’t 100 percent going to go away. I get that.

What if the real answer is not combating the bullying but actually spreading love.

If a person has self-love, they know that the person bullying is just hurting inside. They know not to take it personally. They work hard at forgiving and moving on.

Sometimes a bully is the most in need of love. Maybe they haven’t felt love?

If a person loves themselves, they work hard to be kind. They say sorry when they make mistakes. They work hard not to be a bully.

When a person has self-love, they want to help others know love too.

Could it really be that simple?

As a parent, do you love yourself? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you modeling self-love?

I know I have issues with my body and I am working on my confidence. We are only human and no one is perfect. Every step we take in loving ourselves and showing love to our kids and our neighbors, we are helping change the world.


You are beautiful. You are enough. Show the world your beautiful light.

What can you do today to love yourself and show the world how amazing you truly are?




The Healing Power of Forgiveness


Forgiveness.  It’s one of those words that you hear all of the time. 


Do you know how powerful the simple act of forgiveness can truly be?  Have you felt it’s power????


When I was in college I had a boyfriend who cheated on me.  I am a pretty awesome person.  I deserve to be loved unconditionally and was broken hearted that someone would do that to me.  I forgave him and allowed him to do it again.  And then again.  And again.  During this time he threw weights at my head and tried hitting me and many other things I care to not mention.  Sometimes forgiveness is something people take for granted or as a sign of weakness.  He didn’t appreciate my forgiveness.  Although I found the courage to leave him, the sight of him would make me physically ill.  After months of dealing with torment from him and sickness, I knew that it was time to love myself again. I am worth so much more than the way I allowed him to treat me. It was when I learned to love myself that I first felt the amazing power of forgiveness.  I first forgave myself for allowing someone to treat me that way.  And then when I got the courage I stopped by his home, knocked on the front door, said, “You may not be sorry for what you did to me but I forgive you” and I walked out the door.  That was it. I literally felt the weight lift from me. The poison was finally gone.  It was one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever given myself.  (I was able to see him and talk to him again.) It was amazing!


Be Brave

I know it can be hard.  But anything truly worthwhile is hard. I am currently working on forgiving my Dad for years of abandonment and releasing the anger that I’ve held on to for longer than I can remember. This is so much more complicated.  So I am taking baby steps. 


Who do you need to forgive?


I tell you my story, not to tell my story but I want to express how important forgiveness is.  Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior.  It frees you from the pain.  When you are ready, please forgive.  It may take small steps every day but please don’t hold on to anger. You are beautiful and worth so much more than you know. 


Wishing you all many blessings and healing.  Shine on my friends.






Looking Back

I wouldn’t normally say looking back is a good idea. If you are looking back to see how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished, then go ahead and look back. Marvel in your strength. Sometimes it’s hard to see progress without turning around. Look at where you were and where you are now.

Even as we take steps, sometimes we fall. That’s really ok. What’s important is that we get up again with more courage and knowledge than we had before. We don’t reach our goals or dreams by standing still. Failure is not real. We learn how to do better next time.

At the lowest point in my life, getting out of bed was an accomplishment. When you lose someone you love, part of your heart dies along with them. Your world gets turned upside down. You don’t know how to make sense of day to day living. It’s ok to feel that way for a while. But there comes a time when you have to get up. You have to embrace life. Your loved one would be heartbroken if they saw your sadness. And they do see it. They want happiness for you. They want happiness for everyone. They truly do. Ask them for signs to let you know they are with you.

Each day, with each step, find something beautiful in each day. As hard as it is, look for the little blessings all around us. There is no set time for healing. We are constantly healing. Each day a little more and a little more. One day we can look back and see how far we’ve come.

“A positive step in the right direction each day, is creating a better life one day at a time.”

Many Blessings!


Uniquely You


Two year olds are seriously the best teachers ever.  Minus the tantrums.

They love just for the sake of loving.  No strings attached.  How many of us adults love just for the sake of love?

Everything is an adventure and new and exciting.  They squeal with delight over bubbles in the bath tub or snowflakes on their nose and puppy kisses and balloons and seeing a rainbow and watching a deer cross the road and hearing their favorite song and staring at the moon.  To enjoy the little blessings in life is a beautiful lesson to start to learn.

This is me, this is what you get.  Love it or leave it.  They know what they want and when the want it without questions.  My two year old will go all day in a bike helmet and swim goggles.  He doesn’t question how crazy he looks. He’s all, “I’m awesome. The end.”  How many of us love ourselves that much?  That we could do anything or be anything we want, without question.  No worries of what others would think.  No fear to be who we truly are.

They fight for a cause. It could be as simple as wanting a sucker or wanting to play outside for 10 more minutes.  Their courage and determination is unwavering.  They want it and they are going to fight until they get it.  What if adults did that?  How many of us give up when things don’t go our way or better yet don’t even try for fear of failing? My hand is raised.  I often don’t do things because of fear of failure and not enough courage.  My two year old is teaching me to be brave and courageous and determined.

Let’s be more childlike.